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Covington County, Mississippi



Latitude: 31.63322, Longitude: -89.5526294444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aultman, Joseph Albert Sr.  11 Jul 1883Covington County, Mississippi I45515
2 Aultman, Otho Rubin  4 Apr 1887Covington County, Mississippi I45523
3 Craft, Selestia  1 Apr 1853Covington County, Mississippi I26839
4 Deen, Charles "Charley" Christopher  25 Dec 1895Covington County, Mississippi I45524
5 Hill, Joel Daniel  Between 1832 and 1835Covington County, Mississippi I26764
6 Howell, Francis Marion  24 Feb 1837Covington County, Mississippi I26378
7 Howell, Stephen Marshall  10 Oct 1840Covington County, Mississippi I26680
8 Lott, Andrew Jackson  14 Aug 1862Covington County, Mississippi I46807
9 Lott, Annie Jane  4 Nov 1869Covington County, Mississippi I3574
10 Lott, Clara  Abt 1905Covington County, Mississippi I2602
11 Lott, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1867Covington County, Mississippi I2686
12 Lott, Hiram Jasper  Dec 1883Covington County, Mississippi I2504
13 Lott, Jesse  Abt 1861Covington County, Mississippi I2101
14 Lott, M. L.  Abt 1880Covington County, Mississippi I3624
15 McGrew, Bennie  15 Dec 1919Covington County, Mississippi I4147
16 McGrew, Demmie E.  10 Aug 1896Covington County, Mississippi I3043
17 McGrew, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Abt 1861Covington County, Mississippi I2571
18 McGrew, Florence Elizabeth  24 Jan 1870Covington County, Mississippi I3031
19 McGrew, Ida Jane  16 Jul 1895Covington County, Mississippi I3579
20 McGrew, James Monroe  6 Apr 1872Covington County, Mississippi I2575
21 McGrew, John B.  Abt 1878Covington County, Mississippi I2664
22 McGrew, Josephine "Josie"  6 Feb 1864Covington County, Mississippi I2572
23 McGrew, Linnie Bell  8 Feb 1900Covington County, Mississippi I3581
24 McGrew, Martha Leo  19 May 1898Covington County, Mississippi I3580
25 McGrew, Mary J.  Abt 1875Covington County, Mississippi I2576
26 McGrew, Minda  Abt 1874Covington County, Mississippi I2663
27 McGrew, Robert Thomas  26 Jul 1867Covington County, Mississippi I2573
28 McGrew, Susanna A.  4 Apr 1868Covington County, Mississippi I3030
29 McGrew, Thomas Stockdale "S. D."  11 Jun 1892Covington County, Mississippi I3042
30 McGrew, William  Abt 1815Covington County, Mississippi I2098
31 McGrew, Wood Hathorn  14 May 1873Covington County, Mississippi I3033
32 McLemore, Capt. Caleb Hill  7 Jan 1829Covington County, Mississippi I26086
33 McLemore, Elizabeth  Abt 1877Covington County, Mississippi I38605
34 McLemore, Joan  Abt 1875Covington County, Mississippi I38604
35 McLemore, Lavina B.  19 May 1831Covington County, Mississippi I26600
36 McLemore, Martha  23 Nov 1826Covington County, Mississippi I26598
37 McLemore, Nancy  17 Sep 1823Covington County, Mississippi I26596
38 McLemore, Samuel Cravens  Abt 1874Covington County, Mississippi I38603
39 Strahan, Walter Allen  14 Dec 1869Covington County, Mississippi I45518
40 Watts, Martha Annie  1 Jun 1874Covington County, Mississippi I4138
41 Watts, Susannah Artamicha "Artimiti" "Susie"  12 Feb 1869Covington County, Mississippi I4136
42 Watts, Thomas H.  1 Mar 1868Covington County, Mississippi I4135
43 Watts, William Walter  14 Jul 1872Covington County, Mississippi I4137
44 Williamson, Arminda  1 Jan 1842Covington County, Mississippi I2555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, Ferdinand Boon  Aft 1883Covington County, Mississippi I1951
2 Davis, Mamie E.  17 Oct 1961Covington County, Mississippi I45525
3 Hathorn, Leitha "Lether" Jane  23 Apr 1914Covington County, Mississippi I2569
4 Lowery, Audrey Elizabeth  17 Sep 2009Covington County, Mississippi I38733
5 Lowery, Reuben F.  Abt 1923Covington County, Mississippi I38720
6 McGrew, Fred Wheeler  24 Sep 1990Covington County, Mississippi I3582
7 McGrew, James  Abt 7 Jun 1891Covington County, Mississippi I2097
8 McGrew, Leonard B.  14 May 1921Covington County, Mississippi I3037
9 McGrew, Leonard Bradford  21 May 1903Covington County, Mississippi I2436
10 Norris, Rebecca  Oct 1890Covington County, Mississippi I2560
11 Tyner, Sarah Elizabeth  Aft 1880Covington County, Mississippi I2516
12 Watts, Stella Pauline  12 Mar 1998Covington County, Mississippi I3736
13 Williamson, Wiley  19 Sep 1883Covington County, Mississippi I2559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Watts, Thomas H.  Covington County, Mississippi I4135


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McGrew / Aultman  1 Jul 1918Covington County, Mississippi F10556
2 McGrew / Davis  12 Mar 1919Covington County, Mississippi F13510
3 McGrew / Hathorn  25 Nov 1866Covington County, Mississippi F1563
4 McLemore / Hill  9 Aug 1821Covington County, Mississippi F8516