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South Carolina



Latitude: 33.8748091666667, Longitude: -80.8533172222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ???, Elizabeth  Abt 1799South Carolina I3132
2 ???, Elizabeth  4 Nov 1814South Carolina I44287
3 ???, Esther  Abt 1800South Carolina I32188
4 ???, Mahala "Mahaly"  Abt 1811South Carolina I38008
5 Adams, David  Bef 1800South Carolina I168
6 Allen, Caroline Elizabeth  22 Mar 1816South Carolina I39844
7 Allen, Charlotte  2 Feb 1794South Carolina I37736
8 Allen, George Washington  31 Mar 1823South Carolina I39846
9 Allen, John Wooldridge  24 Apr 1823South Carolina I939
10 Allen, Ludeshia Cornelia "Cassie"  10 Sep 1824South Carolina I1770
11 Allen, Martha Ellender  20 Aug 1826South Carolina I1771
12 Allen, Nancy  17 Mar 1797South Carolina I37737
13 Allen, Ruthie Ann  13 Nov 1828South Carolina I1772
14 Arthur, Allen  Abt 1795South Carolina I12797
15 Arthur, Barnabus C.  Abt 1797South Carolina I12860
16 Arthur, Hiram  Abt 1791South Carolina I12859
17 Ashmore, Spencer  Abt 1815South Carolina I11213
18 Baker, Malcolm L.  Abt 1841South Carolina I46689
19 Barker, Thomas Larkin  5 Oct 1807South Carolina I44960
20 Bean, Alexander  Abt 1778South Carolina I10458
21 Bean, Elizabeth "Betsey"  Abt 1780South Carolina I10459
22 Bean, Isabella  Abt 1784South Carolina I10461
23 Bean, James  Abt 1782South Carolina I10460
24 Bean, John Egbert  21 Nov 1792South Carolina I3413
25 Bean, Levicy  Abt 1786South Carolina I10462
26 Bean, Sarah "Sallie"  Abt 1788South Carolina I10463
27 Bean, William  Between 1793 and 1796South Carolina I10464
28 Bennett, Charles "Charlie" Milton Sr.  15 Oct 1820South Carolina I17272
29 Bennett, Ruth Jane "Duce"  7 May 1857South Carolina I29467
30 Bennett, Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie"  8 Aug 1853South Carolina I17266
31 Berry, Rachel Ann  22 May 1814South Carolina I15690
32 Bickley, Simeon  20 Dec 1822South Carolina I17748
33 Blackman, Jesse E.  Abt 1817South Carolina I12878
34 Bonneau, Anna Maria  23 Dec 1825South Carolina I17922
35 Bonneau, Caroline E.  Abt 1826South Carolina I17928
36 Bonneau, Edwin Alonzo  Abt 1830South Carolina I35951
37 Bonneau, Hugh Swinton  3 Dec 1834South Carolina I35952
38 Bonneau, John Bruce  8 Jun 1831South Carolina I17924
39 Bonneau, Susan Matilda  Abt 1834South Carolina I35953
40 Bostick, William T.  Abt 1802South Carolina I18421
41 Bowie, Sarah C.  22 Aug 1793South Carolina I2714
42 Brantley, Francis Manley  Abt 1807South Carolina I15591
43 Brantley, Joseph V.  6 Aug 1813South Carolina I15592
44 Brazeale, Mary Louise  1 Apr 1830South Carolina I17273
45 Briley, Mary Jane "Polly"  Abt 1842South Carolina I7110
46 Brooks, Maxey  Between 1791 and 1796South Carolina I13142
47 Brown, Mary "Mollie"  Abt 1817South Carolina I21831
48 Brunson, Maryann J.  17 Jan 1830South Carolina I27181
49 Bullock, Lemuel  Abt 1794South Carolina I17936
50 Burkhalter, Daniel  Abt 1783South Carolina I6738
51 Byerly, Adam  Abt 1798South Carolina I36820
52 Byerly, Thomas Claiborne  Abt 1803South Carolina I43194
53 Caraway, Vestal  Bef 1814South Carolina I2286
54 Carter, Allen Alexander  Abt 1810South Carolina I37043
55 Chapman, Eleanor  Abt 1806South Carolina I43627
56 Chapman, Elizabeth  21 May 1816South Carolina I12993
57 Clark, William  1 May 1790South Carolina I426
58 Cockrell, Mary Ann "Polly"  Abt 1817South Carolina I2351
59 Cole, John  Abt 1800South Carolina I1955
60 Cole, Martha  4 Jul 1798South Carolina I2600
61 Conn, James Sr.  Abt 1800South Carolina I34577
62 Conner, Lewis  Abt 1804South Carolina I41546
63 Cook, Greenberry "Green"  Abt 1781South Carolina I3513
64 Cooper, William Gill  25 Mar 1777South Carolina I41790
65 Cosper, Mary Ann  15 Apr 1818South Carolina I41843
66 Couch, Douvica "Dosha"  Bef 1780South Carolina I15643
67 Courtney, Elizabeth  Abt 1775South Carolina I12817
68 Dandy, Thomas  Abt 1805South Carolina I18958
69 Davenport, Abigail  1 Jul 1783South Carolina I1595
70 Davis, Gabriel  Abt 1806South Carolina I25693
71 Deas, George Iva  1801South Carolina I7191
72 Dial, Garlington Coker  Abt 1833South Carolina I28992
73 Donaho, Dempsey  5 Aug 1788South Carolina I41791
74 Donaho, Esther  Abt 1780South Carolina I22053
75 Dougharty, George W.  29 Sep 1784South Carolina I22157
76 Durr, David H.  Between 1813 and 1820South Carolina I19552
77 Eddings, Sterling  Abt 1805South Carolina I6713
78 Ellzey, John S.  10 Aug 1796South Carolina I18949
79 Evans, Isaac J.  Abt 1829South Carolina I17939
80 Fairchild, Sarah Jane  Abt 1804South Carolina I25603
81 Flannigan, Elizabeth  Bef 1808South Carolina I18278
82 Forbus, Mary A.  Abt 1811South Carolina I35424
83 Fullen, Powell W.  Abt 1816South Carolina I4398
84 Fuller, James Anderson  Abt 1795South Carolina I4338
85 Gaffney, William Eli  Abt 1835South Carolina I12277
86 Garlington, Benjamin  Abt 1793South Carolina I3508
87 Gooch, C. P.  Abt 1805South Carolina I4059
88 Gordon, Rachel  Abt 1792South Carolina I8585
89 Graham, Isabelle  1768South Carolina I7214
90 Hanes, John Abraham  Abt 1804South Carolina I26701
91 Harley, Martha Elizabeth  Abt 1802South Carolina I41551
92 Herring, Jacob  Abt 1798South Carolina I17104
93 Hoffman, Jeanette  16 Nov 1826South Carolina I44309
94 Holden, Thomas Jr.  Bef 1808South Carolina I18277
95 Hopkins, Rebecca  Abt 1796South Carolina I958
96 Isaacs, Elijah  22 Feb 1775South Carolina I22052
97 Isaacs, Elizabeth  9 Aug 1798South Carolina I427
98 Isaacs, William  6 Nov 1800South Carolina I40696
99 Johnston, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1802South Carolina I25616
100 Keith, Sarah Ann  23 Apr 1827South Carolina I14038

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barton, John David  12 Sep 2005South Carolina I40815
2 McDaniel, Mary Lucinda  24 May 1900South Carolina I15682
3 McGrew, Alexander  Aft 11 Oct 1776South Carolina I21622
4 McLemore, Major John  Aft 1837South Carolina I24530
5 Porter, John Jr.  Between 1825 and 1830South Carolina I7931
6 Porter, Samuel Norwood  Between 1825 and 1830South Carolina I18015
7 Traywick, George  1843South Carolina I7989


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Wooldridge  8 Feb 1821South Carolina F671
2 Arthur / Courtney  South Carolina F5234
3 Brunson / White  Abt 1823South Carolina F8924
4 Kelley / Singletary  1810South Carolina F3996
5 McGrew / Tillett  Bef 1774South Carolina F1161
6 McLemore / Clifton  Abt 1797South Carolina F8242
7 McLemore / Page  Abt 1853South Carolina F9517