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Fairfax County, Virginia



Latitude: 38.8415708333333, Longitude: -77.3081227777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bayley, Pierce  12 May 1742Fairfax County, Virginia I18180
2 Coe, Mary  29 Aug 1765Fairfax County, Virginia I1827
3 Payne, Alexander  3 Aug 1795Fairfax County, Virginia I4796
4 Payne, Alicia  17 Dec 1749Fairfax County, Virginia I6357
5 Payne, Anna  23 Jul 1787Fairfax County, Virginia I23817
6 Payne, Anne  4 Jul 1759Fairfax County, Virginia I6362
7 Payne, Benjamin  Abt 1761Fairfax County, Virginia I4798
8 Payne, Benjamin  Aft 1788Fairfax County, Virginia I4793
9 Payne, Benjamin Clark  28 Dec 1755Fairfax County, Virginia I6360
10 Payne, Daniel Mccarty  3 Nov 1764Fairfax County, Virginia I6377
11 Payne, Devall  1 Jan 1763Fairfax County, Virginia I6363
12 Payne, Edward Conyers  7 Jan 1762Fairfax County, Virginia I6375
13 Payne, Elizabeth  12 Mar 1757Fairfax County, Virginia I6373
14 Payne, George  Abt 1763Fairfax County, Virginia I1826
15 Payne, Henry  26 Jan 1753Fairfax County, Virginia I6371
16 Payne, James Orlando  2 Sep 1774Fairfax County, Virginia I6379
17 Payne, Jilson  3 Mar 1767Fairfax County, Virginia I6378
18 Payne, John  8 Apr 1764Fairfax County, Virginia I4812
19 Payne, Margaret Campbell  11 Oct 1783Fairfax County, Virginia I23815
20 Payne, Mary  23 Feb 1753Fairfax County, Virginia I6359
21 Payne, Penelope  7 Dec 1757Fairfax County, Virginia I6361
22 Payne, Penelope  30 Apr 1785Fairfax County, Virginia I4792
23 Payne, Richard  Bef 1809Fairfax County, Virginia I6413
24 Payne, Sanford  7 Aug 1759Fairfax County, Virginia I6374
25 Payne, Sanford Jr.  Bef 1775Fairfax County, Virginia I6366
26 Payne, Sanford III  Abt 1807Fairfax County, Virginia I6414
27 Payne, Theodosia  18 Jan 1750Fairfax County, Virginia I6370
28 Payne, Theodosia  Aft 1789Fairfax County, Virginia I4794
29 Payne, Travers  Aft 1822Fairfax County, Virginia I6415
30 Payne, William  14 Feb 1750Fairfax County, Virginia I6358
31 Payne, William C.  1788Fairfax County, Virginia I156
32 Payne, William Campbell  Abt 1785Fairfax County, Virginia I23816
33 Staton, Christian Phillip  12 Mar 1994Fairfax County, Virginia I40402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jones, Alicia  31 Oct 1760Fairfax County, Virginia I4807
2 McLemore, Patrick J.  11 Jan 1989Fairfax County, Virginia I25249
3 Payne, Benjamin Clark  29 Apr 1789Fairfax County, Virginia I6360
4 Payne, George  Abt 1799Fairfax County, Virginia I1826
5 Payne, Sanford Jr.  Fairfax County, Virginia I6366
6 Payne, William  24 Aug 1776Fairfax County, Virginia I1830
7 Payne, William Jr.  12 Jul 1782Fairfax County, Virginia I4808
8 Sanders, Catherine Dee  13 Mar 1994Fairfax County, Virginia I40398
9 Staton, Christian Phillip  14 Mar 1994Fairfax County, Virginia I40402


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bayley / Payne  23 Feb 1772Fairfax County, Virginia F3194
2 Payne / Coe  1783Fairfax County, Virginia F158
3 Payne / Grymes  1775Fairfax County, Virginia F3128
4 Payne / Jennings  1 Mar 1763Fairfax County, Virginia F1220
5 Payne / Wyatt  25 Dec 1806Fairfax County, Virginia F1622