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Lincoln County, Tennessee



Latitude: 35.1405302777778, Longitude: -86.5889494444444


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryan, Winnie Alpha  26 Nov 1897Lincoln County, Tennessee I27462
2 Husbands, Augustus L.  Abt 1823Lincoln County, Tennessee I15961
3 Isaacs, Samuel  25 Apr 1804Lincoln County, Tennessee I40697
4 McLemore, Bertha Nelle  20 Dec 1923Lincoln County, Tennessee I27498
5 McLemore, Elaine  8 Oct 1927Lincoln County, Tennessee I27496
6 McLemore, Eliza Jane  6 Dec 1819Lincoln County, Tennessee I28465
7 McLemore, Elmer WIllie  Abt 1917Lincoln County, Tennessee I27467
8 McLemore, Hattie Lee  12 Mar 1881Lincoln County, Tennessee I27448
9 McLemore, Jesse A.  26 Aug 1820Lincoln County, Tennessee I28829
10 McLemore, Jesse James  Abt 1904Lincoln County, Tennessee I27441
11 McLemore, Joe Cleveland "Jip" Jr.  3 Mar 1922Lincoln County, Tennessee I27494
12 McLemore, Leona Dera  13 Sep 1905Lincoln County, Tennessee I27442
13 McLemore, Lester Benton  Abt 1908Lincoln County, Tennessee I27443
14 McLemore, Lilly Odell  21 Dec 1914Lincoln County, Tennessee I27466
15 McLemore, Maclin Brice  14 Jun 1865Lincoln County, Tennessee I25825
16 McLemore, Margaret  28 Oct 1818Lincoln County, Tennessee I28466
17 McLemore, Mattie Bell  30 Sep 1875Lincoln County, Tennessee I27446
18 McLemore, Pearl M.  Jan 1893Lincoln County, Tennessee I27432
19 McLemore, Sterling J.  29 Dec 1822Lincoln County, Tennessee I28467
20 McLemore, Velma Viola  Abt 1911Lincoln County, Tennessee I27465
21 Pegram, Eliza Jane  12 Dec 1838Lincoln County, Tennessee I28569
22 Pegram, Jerome Bonaparte  23 Jun 1840Lincoln County, Tennessee I28570
23 Thomas, Briggs J.  Abt 1880Lincoln County, Tennessee I27286
24 Towry, Lorene  2 May 1927Lincoln County, Tennessee I39966
25 Ward, Eleven  Aft 1834Lincoln County, Tennessee I31650
26 Ward, Elizabeth  Abt 1836Lincoln County, Tennessee I31651
27 Ward, Elizabeth  Abt 1842Lincoln County, Tennessee I31661
28 Ward, James N.  Abt 1849Lincoln County, Tennessee I31658
29 Ward, Jensey Emeline  Abt 1830Lincoln County, Tennessee I31646
30 Ward, John  Abt 1841Lincoln County, Tennessee I31660
31 Ward, Letitia  Abt 1843Lincoln County, Tennessee I31656
32 Ward, Louisa  Abt 1838Lincoln County, Tennessee I31653
33 Ward, Margaret  Abt 1847Lincoln County, Tennessee I31657
34 Ward, Martha  Abt 1844Lincoln County, Tennessee I31662
35 Ward, Mary  Abt 1846Lincoln County, Tennessee I31663
36 Ward, Minerva  Abt 1849Lincoln County, Tennessee I31665
37 Ward, Nancy  Abt 1840Lincoln County, Tennessee I31659
38 Ward, Noah C.  Abt 1833Lincoln County, Tennessee I31648
39 Ward, Rosannah  Abt 1847Lincoln County, Tennessee I31664
40 Ward, William  Abt 1842Lincoln County, Tennessee I31655
41 Ward, William C.  Abt 1841Lincoln County, Tennessee I31654
42 Wright, Atlanta Katherine  Abt 1858Lincoln County, Tennessee I28608
43 Wright, Benjamin  Abt 1794Lincoln County, Tennessee I28460
44 Wright, Benjamin Harrison  18 Apr 1848Lincoln County, Tennessee I28468
45 Wright, Elizabeth Isabella  Abt 1852Lincoln County, Tennessee I28605
46 Wright, Finetta  Abt 1854Lincoln County, Tennessee I28607
47 Wright, George W.  Abt 1859Lincoln County, Tennessee I28609
48 Wright, James L.  Abt 1842Lincoln County, Tennessee I28601
49 Wright, Joel  Abt 1847Lincoln County, Tennessee I28603
50 Wright, John Benjamin  Abt 1850Lincoln County, Tennessee I28604
51 Wright, Lucinda  Abt 1845Lincoln County, Tennessee I28602
52 Wright, Perlina Berry  27 Apr 1853Lincoln County, Tennessee I28469
53 Wright, Sophia  Abt 1841Lincoln County, Tennessee I28600


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 King, Mary "Polly"  2 Jun 1892Lincoln County, Tennessee I31643
2 McLemore, Richard M.  7 Sep 1893Lincoln County, Tennessee I25762
3 McLemore, Sterling C.  23 Dec 1823Lincoln County, Tennessee I28445
4 McNatt, Mary  Between 1850 and 1855Lincoln County, Tennessee I28599
5 Pegram, Eliza Jane  28 Dec 1842Lincoln County, Tennessee I28569
6 Ward, Erasmus Columbus  5 Nov 1891Lincoln County, Tennessee I31642
7 Ward, Noah  Abt 1854Lincoln County, Tennessee I31638
8 Whitaker, Martha C. "Patsy"  16 Apr 1877Lincoln County, Tennessee I28464
9 Winsett, Iris Belvara "Bill" Derah Greenville  Bef 1920Lincoln County, Tennessee I25815
10 Wright, Benjamin  Aft 1840Lincoln County, Tennessee I28460


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Childress / Putnam  16 Jul 1913Lincoln County, Tennessee F8592
2 Griffis / McLemore  14 Aug 1870Lincoln County, Tennessee F10168
3 McLemore / Grinder  28 Jul 1888Lincoln County, Tennessee F8980
4 McLemore / Ivey  30 Oct 1902Lincoln County, Tennessee F8981
5 McLemore / McAnn  22 Mar 1894Lincoln County, Tennessee F8590
6 McLemore / Renfro  26 Oct 1824Lincoln County, Tennessee F9262
7 McLemore / Smith  25 Oct 1874Lincoln County, Tennessee F8587
8 McLemore / Ward  26 Oct 1841Lincoln County, Tennessee F9257
9 Pegram / McLemore  30 Jul 1837Lincoln County, Tennessee F9253
10 Pegram / Stephens  10 Dec 1850Lincoln County, Tennessee F9370
11 Putnam / McLemore  23 May 1892Lincoln County, Tennessee F8589
12 Putnam / Whitt  27 Nov 1913Lincoln County, Tennessee F8591
13 Roughton / Pegram  10 Sep 1854Lincoln County, Tennessee F9372
14 Speck / Ward  5 Jan 1842Lincoln County, Tennessee F10163
15 Steed / Ward  14 Oct 1849Lincoln County, Tennessee F10164
16 Thomas / McLemore  8 Aug 1869Lincoln County, Tennessee F8571
17 Ward / King  23 Nov 1838Lincoln County, Tennessee F10162
18 Ward / Land  11 Mar 1840Lincoln County, Tennessee F10161
19 Warren / McLemore  5 Mar 1825Lincoln County, Tennessee F9263
20 Womack / Ward  6 Oct 1853Lincoln County, Tennessee F10167
21 Wright / McLemore  24 Apr 1839Lincoln County, Tennessee F9227
22 Wright / McNatt  11 Dec 1838Lincoln County, Tennessee F9259
23 Wright / Prosser  18 Dec 1838Lincoln County, Tennessee F9261
24 Wright / Swan  30 Jan 1855Lincoln County, Tennessee F9260