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Pike County, Mississippi



Latitude: 31.17487, Longitude: -90.4041701388889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ???, Mary  Abt 1816Pike County, Mississippi I16744
2 Arthur, Elizabeth  4 Jul 1817Pike County, Mississippi I33992
3 Burkhalter, Alice V.  Abt 1873Pike County, Mississippi I36608
4 Burkhalter, Eliza  5 Apr 1819Pike County, Mississippi I8083
5 Burkhalter, Jesse Warren  Abt 1861Pike County, Mississippi I36605
6 Burkhalter, Laura Fatima "Timey"  Abt 1859Pike County, Mississippi I36633
7 Burkhalter, Mary "Polly"  22 Nov 1824Pike County, Mississippi I8085
8 Burkhalter, Sarah Ann  Aft 1819Pike County, Mississippi I8084
9 Burkhalter, Sarah Lousetta  Abt 1864Pike County, Mississippi I36606
10 Burkhalter, Walter Monroe  Abt 1869Pike County, Mississippi I36607
11 Carter, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1822Pike County, Mississippi I18069
12 Carter, Emily  Abt 1819Pike County, Mississippi I6461
13 Carter, Isaac F.  Abt 1813Pike County, Mississippi I18292
14 Cartwright, John Clinton  10 Sep 1823Pike County, Mississippi I2656
15 Cartwright, Martha E.  7 Aug 1822Pike County, Mississippi I2657
16 Elliott, Seaborn Franklin  22 Nov 1822Pike County, Mississippi I26581
17 Isaacs, Alfred  31 Oct 1820Pike County, Mississippi I40695
18 Isaacs, Andrew Jackson  3 Dec 1817Pike County, Mississippi I22054
19 Kaigler, Cynthia S.  Abt 1854Pike County, Mississippi I36617
20 Kaigler, Eliza Jane  Abt 1858Pike County, Mississippi I36618
21 Kaigler, James D.  Abt 1848Pike County, Mississippi I36615
22 Kaigler, Laura J.  Abt 1861Pike County, Mississippi I36619
23 Kaigler, Louisa  Abt 1845Pike County, Mississippi I36613
24 Kaigler, M. Elizabeth  Abt 1867Pike County, Mississippi I36621
25 Kaigler, Mary E.  Abt 1850Pike County, Mississippi I36614
26 Kaigler, Salena Opha  Abt 1864Pike County, Mississippi I36620
27 Kaigler, Sarah Ann  26 Jun 1842Pike County, Mississippi I36612
28 Kaigler, William D.  Abt 1852Pike County, Mississippi I36616
29 Luter, Hosea Davis  Abt 1878Pike County, Mississippi I36597
30 Luter, Jacob Westley  25 Jan 1864Pike County, Mississippi I8107
31 Luter, James Monroe  11 Aug 1853Pike County, Mississippi I8104
32 Luter, Jesse Crawford  12 Jun 1842Pike County, Mississippi I8101
33 Luter, Jesse Crawford  Abt 1874Pike County, Mississippi I21636
34 Luter, John Joseph  30 Jul 1837Pike County, Mississippi I8099
35 Luter, Louisa Matilda  2 Dec 1859Pike County, Mississippi I8106
36 Luter, Mary Ann  26 Dec 1839Pike County, Mississippi I8100
37 Luter, Sarah Caroline  27 Aug 1846Pike County, Mississippi I8102
38 Luter, Theresa Elizabeth  12 Nov 1848Pike County, Mississippi I8103
39 Luter, Thomas Jefferson  15 Dec 1855Pike County, Mississippi I8105
40 Luter, William Daniel  3 Apr 1835Pike County, Mississippi I8098
41 Luter, William M.  Abt 1876Pike County, Mississippi I32132
42 Magee, Adolphus "Dolphus"  4 Oct 1858Pike County, Mississippi I14951
43 Magee, Jacob E.  12 Jul 1858Pike County, Mississippi I8151
44 Magee, Joseph William Clifton  Abt 1868Pike County, Mississippi I43381
45 Magee, Luter  Abt 1875Pike County, Mississippi I43383
46 Magee, Luther  11 Mar 1872Pike County, Mississippi I43385
47 Magee, Sarah Allace  Abt May 1860Pike County, Mississippi I36611
48 Magee, Sarah M.  Abt 1870Pike County, Mississippi I43382
49 Magee, Westley  Abt 1879Pike County, Mississippi I43384
50 Martin, Mary Jane  Between 1831 and 1833Pike County, Mississippi I17940
51 McDaniel, Anna "Annie"  23 Feb 1864Pike County, Mississippi I8576
52 McDaniel, Cade Willis  30 Jan 1874Pike County, Mississippi I8580
53 McDaniel, D. M.  Abt 1855Pike County, Mississippi I16829
54 McDaniel, David E.  Abt 1850Pike County, Mississippi I16827
55 McDaniel, Evander  31 Dec 1842Pike County, Mississippi I16824
56 McDaniel, Hansford D.  3 Apr 1861Pike County, Mississippi I8575
57 McDaniel, Hardee  Abt 1845Pike County, Mississippi I16826
58 McDaniel, Harmon  11 Jun 1852Pike County, Mississippi I8569
59 McDaniel, Howel  17 Feb 1844Pike County, Mississippi I16825
60 McDaniel, Ida  25 Feb 1867Pike County, Mississippi I8578
61 McDaniel, James Edward  10 Oct 1853Pike County, Mississippi I8570
62 McDaniel, James O.  Abt 1852Pike County, Mississippi I16828
63 McDaniel, Jeptha  15 Jun 1833Pike County, Mississippi I16822
64 McDaniel, Martha A.  6 Sep 1845Pike County, Mississippi I16729
65 McDaniel, Martha Elizabeth  16 Feb 1855Pike County, Mississippi I8571
66 McDaniel, Mary Adelia  2 Jan 1851Pike County, Mississippi I8568
67 McDaniel, Mary Maggie  Mar 1880Pike County, Mississippi I45004
68 McDaniel, Meredith  25 Jan 1840Pike County, Mississippi I16823
69 McDaniel, Raleigh "Rolly" D.  15 Oct 1860Pike County, Mississippi I8574
70 McDaniel, Rebecca J.  9 Nov 1856Pike County, Mississippi I8572
71 McDaniel, Sophronia Pauline  30 Jun 1870Pike County, Mississippi I8579
72 McDaniel, Walter  Apr 1865Pike County, Mississippi I8577
73 McDaniel, William Leander  20 Oct 1858Pike County, Mississippi I8573
74 McDaniel, William Riley  Abt 1831Pike County, Mississippi I16821
75 McDaniel, Winston Elija  24 Apr 1825Pike County, Mississippi I8567
76 McElveen, Mary Ione  5 Dec 1827Pike County, Mississippi I8588
77 Raborn, Walter Simpson  25 Apr 1876Pike County, Mississippi I18835
78 Raborn, Warren  Abt 1842Pike County, Mississippi I10538
79 Sandifer, Katherine  Abt 1919Pike County, Mississippi I44987
80 Sandifer, William Floyd  18 Jun 1889Pike County, Mississippi I44981
81 Taylor, Rutha  1829Pike County, Mississippi I10535
82 Walker, Virginia  Abt 1802Pike County, Mississippi I18912
83 White, Cade  Abt 1879Pike County, Mississippi I29250
84 White, J.L.  Abt 1872Pike County, Mississippi I29249
85 White, William E.  Abt 1870Pike County, Mississippi I29248
86 Woods, Allen J.  Abt 1814Pike County, Mississippi I17090


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alford, Edwin Barksdale  10 Mar 1878Pike County, Mississippi I32715
2 Alford, Seaborn John  7 Feb 1884Pike County, Mississippi I32720
3 Burkhalter, Daniel  Abt 1855Pike County, Mississippi I6738
4 Burkhalter, Eliza  25 Sep 1888Pike County, Mississippi I8083
5 Burkhalter, Mary "Polly"  3 Mar 1901Pike County, Mississippi I8085
6 Carter, William  Bef 1840Pike County, Mississippi I18165
7 Cartwright, Martha E.  Aug 1822Pike County, Mississippi I2657
8 Davis, Elnorah Emeline  23 Jun 1880Pike County, Mississippi I8112
9 Kaigler, William W.  24 Aug 1884Pike County, Mississippi I8118
10 Luter, Jacob Westley  22 Sep 1865Pike County, Mississippi I8107
11 Luter, James Monroe  23 Nov 1929Pike County, Mississippi I8104
12 Luter, Louisa Matilda  28 Sep 1865Pike County, Mississippi I8106
13 Luter, Thomas Jefferson  22 Oct 1865Pike County, Mississippi I8105
14 Magee, Luther  28 Aug 1872Pike County, Mississippi I43385
15 McDaniel, Daniel  24 Oct 1881Pike County, Mississippi I16817
16 McDaniel, Jeptha  23 Nov 1908Pike County, Mississippi I16822
17 McDaniel, Winston Elija  10 Feb 1911Pike County, Mississippi I8567
18 Stevenson, Casindany  18 Aug 1886Pike County, Mississippi I16818
19 Strickland, Mary (Molly\Polly) Cotton  Aft 1820Pike County, Mississippi I109
20 Walker, Virginia  Abt 1839Pike County, Mississippi I18912
21 White, Theodosia S.  13 Apr 1901Pike County, Mississippi I8566
22 White, William Thompson  9 Dec 1927Pike County, Mississippi I8604


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hines / Melton  5 Nov 1816Pike County, Mississippi F1358
2 Kaigler / Burkhalter  17 Oct 1839Pike County, Mississippi F3847
3 Turner / Arthur  Abt 1815Pike County, Mississippi F5251