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York County, Pennsylvania



Latitude: 39.9645347222222, Longitude: -76.7242897222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albright, Albert Pius  28 Oct 1871York County, Pennsylvania I32512
2 Arnold, Oliver Roy  15 Mar 1888York County, Pennsylvania I42766
3 Bankert, Dorothy E.  Abt 1917York County, Pennsylvania I4696
4 Bankert, Mary  Abt 1914York County, Pennsylvania I4034
5 Baugher, Aaron Sweitzer  7 Feb 1867York County, Pennsylvania I34707
6 Baugher, Amelia Miller  29 Mar 1853York County, Pennsylvania I11717
7 Baugher, Anna  31 Aug 1884York County, Pennsylvania I11735
8 Baugher, Catherine "Katie" Sweitzer  28 Oct 1874York County, Pennsylvania I34711
9 Baugher, Daniel Sweitzer  3 Feb 1871York County, Pennsylvania I34709
10 Baugher, David  27 Sep 1894York County, Pennsylvania I11741
11 Baugher, Emma May  10 Jun 1878York County, Pennsylvania I11731
12 Baugher, Harriet  4 Sep 1887York County, Pennsylvania I11737
13 Baugher, Ida  31 May 1896York County, Pennsylvania I11742
14 Baugher, Joel W.  10 Apr 1881York County, Pennsylvania I11733
15 Baugher, Julia  16 Apr 1889York County, Pennsylvania I11738
16 Baugher, Lydia Julian  9 Apr 1883York County, Pennsylvania I11734
17 Baugher, Margaret  1 Mar 1886York County, Pennsylvania I11736
18 Baugher, Maria  20 Dec 1879York County, Pennsylvania I11732
19 Baugher, Mary  4 Mar 1893York County, Pennsylvania I11740
20 Baugher, Mary Sweitzer  Abt 1873York County, Pennsylvania I34710
21 Baugher, Noah Sweitzer  24 Jun 1865York County, Pennsylvania I34706
22 Baugher, Rosie  9 Sep 1891York County, Pennsylvania I11739
23 Baugher, Samuel Sweitzer  Abt 1869York County, Pennsylvania I34708
24 Bethurum, William  Abt 1782York County, Pennsylvania I33331
25 Bortner, Belinda  19 Sep 1860York County, Pennsylvania I12410
26 Bortner, Catharine Ann  8 Apr 1859York County, Pennsylvania I12409
27 Bortner, Chester  14 Jul 1864York County, Pennsylvania I12412
28 Bortner, Diana Isabel  10 Aug 1862York County, Pennsylvania I12411
29 Bortner, Edwin G.  22 Aug 1855York County, Pennsylvania I12407
30 Bortner, Homer  Abt 1882York County, Pennsylvania I35991
31 Bortner, Louisa Manases  10 Dec 1868York County, Pennsylvania I12413
32 Bortner, Martin Cramer  6 Jan 1853York County, Pennsylvania I12406
33 Bortner, Nathaniel  13 Jul 1848York County, Pennsylvania I12404
34 Bortner, Saranda  7 Jan 1850York County, Pennsylvania I12405
35 Brenneman, Earl William  22 Jul 1922York County, Pennsylvania I11920
36 Brennerman, Anna Maria  Jun 1835York County, Pennsylvania I12436
37 Brodbeck, Alla E.  Abt 1859York County, Pennsylvania I42480
38 Brodbeck, Ellen J.  Abt 1864York County, Pennsylvania I42482
39 Brodbeck, Flora Belle  4 Oct 1874York County, Pennsylvania I12582
40 Brodbeck, George Frederick  25 Jan 1876York County, Pennsylvania I12583
41 Brodbeck, Grace Edna  15 Sep 1877York County, Pennsylvania I12584
42 Brodbeck, Hester Ann  26 Oct 1861York County, Pennsylvania I12302
43 Brodbeck, John R. M. D.  Jan 1856York County, Pennsylvania I42478
44 Brodbeck, Laura  Abt 1865York County, Pennsylvania I42483
45 Brodbeck, Mary M.  Abt 1867York County, Pennsylvania I42481
46 Cramer, Adam  30 Apr 1827York County, Pennsylvania I6747
47 Cramer, Alexander Lehmann  27 Jan 1827York County, Pennsylvania I12295
48 Cramer, Alice Jane  12 Nov 1852York County, Pennsylvania I12437
49 Cramer, Alice P.  Abt 1872York County, Pennsylvania I42616
50 Cramer, Amos  12 Mar 1832York County, Pennsylvania I11669
51 Cramer, Anna Estella  Abt 1866York County, Pennsylvania I42614
52 Cramer, Anna Margaretha  21 Sep 1793York County, Pennsylvania I7699
53 Cramer, Annas  12 Mar 1832York County, Pennsylvania I12250
54 Cramer, Caroline Capitola  Abt 1863York County, Pennsylvania I42611
55 Cramer, Carrol Willliam  22 May 1919York County, Pennsylvania I42786
56 Cramer, Catharina Elisabetha  6 Apr 1787York County, Pennsylvania I7696
57 Cramer, Catharine C.  Abt 1834York County, Pennsylvania I12252
58 Cramer, Catherine  Abt 1820York County, Pennsylvania I42740
59 Cramer, Christian  30 Jul 1788York County, Pennsylvania I7697
60 Cramer, Christina  4 Apr 1818York County, Pennsylvania I42738
61 Cramer, Christina  23 Dec 1823York County, Pennsylvania I12279
62 Cramer, Daniel  22 Aug 1818York County, Pennsylvania I6742
63 Cramer, David  Abt 1758York County, Pennsylvania I7710
64 Cramer, David  25 Nov 1824York County, Pennsylvania I12249
65 Cramer, Delila D.  Abt 1868York County, Pennsylvania I42615
66 Cramer, Editha I.  Nov 1879York County, Pennsylvania I42618
67 Cramer, Elias  Abt 1821York County, Pennsylvania I11692
68 Cramer, Elizabeth  Aft 1814York County, Pennsylvania I12247
69 Cramer, Emanuel  22 May 1825York County, Pennsylvania I6746
70 Cramer, Emma  10 Mar 1887York County, Pennsylvania I12606
71 Cramer, Emma Laura  Abt 1865York County, Pennsylvania I42613
72 Cramer, Ephraim "Eph" Lehmann  26 Mar 1831York County, Pennsylvania I12298
73 Cramer, George Alexander  17 Mar 1882York County, Pennsylvania I12604
74 Cramer, Gordon E.  11 Feb 1920York County, Pennsylvania I8723
75 Cramer, Helen Estella  5 Mar 1921York County, Pennsylvania I42787
76 Cramer, Helfer  10 Oct 1816York County, Pennsylvania I12248
77 Cramer, Henrich "Henry"  18 Oct 1795York County, Pennsylvania I7700
78 Cramer, Henrich "Henry"  29 Dec 1819York County, Pennsylvania I6743
79 Cramer, Henry A.  12 Feb 1890York County, Pennsylvania I12608
80 Cramer, Henry Lehmann  May 1830York County, Pennsylvania I12286
81 Cramer, Lieut. Israel L.  17 Aug 1826York County, Pennsylvania I12284
82 Cramer, James Franklin  12 Nov 1849York County, Pennsylvania I12398
83 Cramer, Jesse Lehmann  Nov 1832York County, Pennsylvania I12299
84 Cramer, Joel  16 Feb 1833York County, Pennsylvania I12251
85 Cramer, Johann Adam Lehmann  16 Dec 1834York County, Pennsylvania I12300
86 Cramer, Johann Daniel  Abt 1760York County, Pennsylvania I7711
87 Cramer, Johann Helfer  22 Sep 1753York County, Pennsylvania I6750
88 Cramer, Johann Lorentz "Laurence"  10 Aug 1798York County, Pennsylvania I7701
89 Cramer, Johannes  Abt 1770York County, Pennsylvania I7715
90 Cramer, Johannes "John" Sr.  25 Aug 1791York County, Pennsylvania I6740
91 Cramer, Johannes "John"  9 Oct 1821York County, Pennsylvania I6744
92 Cramer, John Luther  20 May 1888York County, Pennsylvania I12607
93 Cramer, John W.  Abt 1922York County, Pennsylvania I11689
94 Cramer, Joseph Lehmann  30 Oct 1829York County, Pennsylvania I12297
95 Cramer, Julia Ann  4 Sep 1837York County, Pennsylvania I12301
96 Cramer, Julia Ann Priscilla  6 May 1836York County, Pennsylvania I12278
97 Cramer, Juliana  17 Feb 1786York County, Pennsylvania I7695
98 Cramer, Juliana "Julyana"  28 Mar 1790York County, Pennsylvania I7698
99 Cramer, Lea  23 Jul 1818York County, Pennsylvania I12281
100 Cramer, Leah B.  Abt 1874York County, Pennsylvania I42617

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cramer, Johann Daniel  7 Oct 1760York County, Pennsylvania I7711


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ???, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1842York County, Pennsylvania I12357
2 Baugher, David  2 Feb 1895York County, Pennsylvania I11741
3 Baugher, Ida  15 May 1908York County, Pennsylvania I11742
4 Bortner, Arlene M.  27 Aug 2001York County, Pennsylvania I42704
5 Bortner, Catharine Ann  1942York County, Pennsylvania I12409
6 Bortner, Chester  7 Nov 1865York County, Pennsylvania I12412
7 Bortner, Edwin G.  15 Apr 1929York County, Pennsylvania I12407
8 Bortner, Louisa Manases  6 Aug 1870York County, Pennsylvania I12413
9 Bortner, Martin Cramer  1 Sep 1937York County, Pennsylvania I12406
10 Bortner, Nathaniel  24 Sep 1857York County, Pennsylvania I12404
11 Bortner, Saranda  16 Dec 1851York County, Pennsylvania I12405
12 Brodbeck, Flora Belle  6 Jan 1875York County, Pennsylvania I12582
13 Brodbeck, George Frederick  11 Mar 1876York County, Pennsylvania I12583
14 Cramer, Anna Margaretha  York County, Pennsylvania I7699
15 Cramer, Anna Marie  20 Nov 1991York County, Pennsylvania I12613
16 Cramer, Catharina Elisabetha  Between 1811 and 1816York County, Pennsylvania I7696
17 Cramer, Daniel  Bef 1779York County, Pennsylvania I7691
18 Cramer, David  16 Jun 1823York County, Pennsylvania I7710
19 Cramer, Edward T.  10 May 2004York County, Pennsylvania I12629
20 Cramer, George Alexander  7 Jul 1970York County, Pennsylvania I12604
21 Cramer, Gordon E.  22 Sep 1922York County, Pennsylvania I8723
22 Cramer, Henrich "Henry"  12 Aug 1865York County, Pennsylvania I7700
23 Cramer, Henry A.  4 Sep 1890York County, Pennsylvania I12608
24 Cramer, Johann Helfer  22 Sep 1833York County, Pennsylvania I6750
25 Cramer, Johann Lorentz "Laurence"  13 Oct 1840York County, Pennsylvania I7701
26 Cramer, John W.  Abt 1922York County, Pennsylvania I11689
27 Cramer, Juliana  Abt 1786York County, Pennsylvania I7695
28 Cramer, Juliana "Julyana"  10 Feb 1858York County, Pennsylvania I7698
29 Cramer, Lea  York County, Pennsylvania I12281
30 Cramer, Levi  30 Mar 1833York County, Pennsylvania I6749
31 Cramer, Mildred M.  7 Feb 1919York County, Pennsylvania I8722
32 Cramer, Phillip  4 Aug 1859York County, Pennsylvania I7714
33 Cramer, Ruth  24 May 1895York County, Pennsylvania I12610
34 Hovis, Barbara  6 Jul 1854York County, Pennsylvania I12225
35 Krebs, Catharine  18 Dec 1875York County, Pennsylvania I12397
36 Lehman, Anna Maria "Mary"  28 Nov 1875York County, Pennsylvania I7706
37 Myers, Gladys M.  7 Jul 2005York County, Pennsylvania I42700
38 Neudig, Henrietta Sophia  20 Nov 1839York County, Pennsylvania I7690
39 Neudig, Johannes  Aft 1803York County, Pennsylvania I7693
40 Rohrbaugh, John Louis  20 Sep 1935York County, Pennsylvania I42477
41 Schmidt, Anna Margaretha  Bef Sep 1815York County, Pennsylvania I7692
42 Stick, Anna Maria  29 Nov 1851York County, Pennsylvania I7708
43 Werner, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1847York County, Pennsylvania I12243
44 Werner, Matilda  Aft 1850York County, Pennsylvania I11698
45 Wilhelm, Christiana  16 Aug 1860York County, Pennsylvania I11658
46 Wilhelm, David  24 Jul 1802York County, Pennsylvania I11665
47 Wilhelm, Jacob  8 Jul 1802York County, Pennsylvania I11663
48 Wilhelm, Pauli  15 Jun 1807York County, Pennsylvania I11668


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bortner / Bortner  1880York County, Pennsylvania F5155
2 Bortner / Stonesifer  1876York County, Pennsylvania F5153
3 Cramer / Lehman  Abt 1823York County, Pennsylvania F3717
4 Cramer / Neudig  5 Apr 1785York County, Pennsylvania F3320
5 Cramer / Schlott  Abt 1816York County, Pennsylvania F135
6 Cramer / Schmidt  Abt 1752York County, Pennsylvania F3327
7 Cramer / Shaeffer  12 Apr 1853York County, Pennsylvania F4940
8 Cramer / Stump  21 Mar 1854York County, Pennsylvania F5104
9 Deveney / Bortner  Abt 1880York County, Pennsylvania F5156
10 Fisher / Hess  30 Nov 1832York County, Pennsylvania F5117
11 Fisher / Hildebrand  18 Sep 1827York County, Pennsylvania F5116
12 Fisher / Hovis  1801York County, Pennsylvania F5082
13 Fuhrman / Walker  1 Feb 1917York County, Pennsylvania F4986
14 Glatfelder / Hovis  1802York County, Pennsylvania F5081
15 Hovis / Glatfelder  31 Jul 1809York County, Pennsylvania F5083
16 Lehmann / Emigh  28 Jul 1778York County, Pennsylvania F3720
17 Liebhart / Schlott  6 Dec 1809York County, Pennsylvania F3727
18 Meckley / Bortner  1882York County, Pennsylvania F5157
19 Rohrbaugh / Werner  1832York County, Pennsylvania F5085
20 Steffey / Fisher  19 Oct 1843York County, Pennsylvania F5125